Let’s Try Blogging – Take 8

NeverAgain_final 2 in

Let’s see, it’s been about a decade since I first started blogging. I think my number of posts is still well below 100. I wonder how long this kick will last. So far, I like wordpress a little more than blogger, but it could just be the “new toy” glow that has yet to fade.

Oohh, look, the picture thingy works. Great. I would put up a new cover, but I might have already asked somebody to do a cover reveal for me.

Stay tuned.

What shall I tell thee, world?

Since I’ve many interests, you’ll probably hear a little – or a lot – about many of them. Mostly, I’ll chat about writing lessons and teaching lessons I’ve learned over the years. Occasionally, you’ll get book reviews, product reviews, rants, and other news from me.