Audiobook Edge Matchmaker Program – for Authors


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Many books won’t be appropriate for the larger list. So, I’d like to start a Matchmaker Program within Audiobook Edge. I will survey the readers and find out what they like. After I gain insight into each person’s tolerance for strong language, adult content, violence, and audiobook length as well as their genre preferences, I will match readers to books. You – the author – will prep a pitch highlighting the wonders of your book. Then, I will send it to them. The readers contact the author if they want to try the book. If the reader chooses not to accept a book, they get in touch with me with the reason and I get back to the author. As such, I fully intend to play middleman.


  • You trade numbers and volume of exposure for a more targeted audience. Because of the personal touch, I  expect you’ll have an easier time of getting a reader to review your book, keep in touch, etc.
  • You can do both! Books accepted to the larger list can be relisted privately. Or you can list a second and third book here while one remains on the larger list. I will keep it open for second and third books by the same author to make it to the general list but they do get low priority in the queue.
  • Many more genres will be accepted. (Nonfiction, contemporary romance, historical fiction, true crime, comedy, mythology, poetry, sports fic, western, short story, etc.)

The Catch:

  • This will be a paid service. Initially – $2.00 for 1-5 possible matches. I’m all about making things affordable for authors, but it should help with the overhead of maintaining the list. If all 5 of the first people I query turn it down, I will ask another 5. After that, we can talk. Most likely, I’ll just refund your $2.00. The first 5 will be free as I’ll be using them as experiments to work out the kinks.
  • Please note, you are not paying for a review. You are paying to get your audiobook into the hands of 1-5 reader(s) who will likely enjoy your work. In your personal pitch, you can talk about yourself, the nature of your works, and anything else you think that would “sell” it to the reader. Please include content warnings as appropriate. (There’s nothing worse than connecting with somebody who hates what you write.) Ultimately, it’s their choice to get in contact with you. If nobody contacts you in a few days, email me and I’ll follow up with them to see what’s up.

More Fine Print:

  • It could be a while before your book works its way through this program. I’m going to take it slow at first.
  • Please only include your public email address. I am only making the introduction; the rest is up to you.
  • I cannot guarantee you will have success with this venture, but hopefully, we’ll all get the chance to meet some wonderful readers.
  • I reserve the right to reject certain genres. (ie. erotica, dark horror, and similar genres)

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Questions and comments may be directed to me at devyaschildren

Audiobook Edge Matchmaker Program – for Readers


I’d like to introduce you to an exciting new opportunity within Audiobook Edge. You can see the full post on that at this blog post. I’m starting a Matchmaker Program. If you’re not a member yet, that’s cool, there’s a direct link below for you to join if it sounds like something you’d enjoy. Long and short of AE – Readers get free/discounted audiobooks.


  • Access to many more genres. A book might be “rejected” from the normal Audiobook Edge list for one of several reasons: wrong genre (large list aimed at mystery, thriller, scifi, and fantasy), too much violence, sex, or strong language, too long, etc. Genres I hope to add through this: nonfiction, contemporary romance, historical fiction, and slightly darker mysteries.
  • You get a much better chance of grabbing the audiobook. (competition for it will be much smaller) I will only be sending matchmaker emails to 1-5 people at a time for any particular title.


  • Most of these books will be those “rejected” from the standard Audiobook Edge list as that will be highly focused on mystery, scifi, thriller, and some YA appropriate fantasy. I will try to be as clear as possible about what you’re getting.
  • That said, I will not have read these books, so it will be based on a proposal from the author. I cannot guarantee that you will love every book I send. The success of a match will depend largely on how well you fill out the interest survey. (Be as thorough and clear about your preferences as possible.)
  • I will still not represent several very dark genres. (ie. erotica, dark horror)

Fine Print:

  • This will involve way more email communication between you and me and you and the author I match you with. As such, you must grant me permission to use the public email address for this purpose. (Consent is implied in your application to this program.) I will not sell your email address to anybody. You will be working through me. The decision to contact the author after you see the pitch is completely yours.
  • You must apply for this. I’m looking for people who love authors, can communicate well, and will review the audiobook if they happen to enjoy it. All readers are welcome to the larger list, but the authors are paying a small fee for this program, so I want to be sure they have a good experience.
  • I reserve the right to remove you from Matchmaker if too many authors report poor experiences. (This is meant to be a great experience for everybody.  If it’s just not working out, it’s best just to part ways.)

Questions and comments may be directed to me at devyaschildren

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