One-Stop Shop For Many Food Prep and Storage Needs


There are tons of companies out there waiting to sell you food prep gadgets and storage containers. I never considered myself much of a kitchen person. Still don’t for that matter, but most of the products here are very easy to use and necessary no matter how kitchen handy you consider yourself. In fact, the less “kitchen handy” you are, the more likely it is you need this company.

Mandoline Slicer:

I believe they have a variety of colors. In general, vegetable slicers are dangerous, so do get in the habit of using the cap that comes with the slicer. Dangers aside, a good mandoline slicer can make even apple prep kind of fun.

Bag for storing food:

I love this! It’s got a great handle, can hold a lot, and still fits in a compact space. It’s made to go with the plastic tray containers that are stackable, so it holds tons of food. Might not be as pretty as a picnic basket, but if you want everything to make it out to the field in one piece, this is the bag for you.

3 glass containers:

This is one of my favorite products yet. It seems glass containers are all the rage these days. You do have to be cautious that you snap the lid on correctly. I enjoy the fact that these are clear yet easy to clean. I haven’t had mine that long to see how it holds up again stains, but I put broccoli cheddar soup in it and my lunch box survived the day without an incident.

Plastic Food Storage Containers:

These are sort of like the containers you get with Chinese food. They’re easy to use, easy to clean, and cheap enough that you won’t feel bad if you have to throw them away after a few uses. Don’t get me wrong, they’re definitely reusable, but depending on how “harsh” you are with them, it’s likely they’ll break after a few uses. The round ones are great for salad. The tray ones are a little thicker and can be used for more complicated meals.


Whether you’re trying to pack lunches for work or school or just need to store leftovers from dinner, they’ve got you covered.

If you’d like to learn more, look them up. Please note that Home Native is now becoming Prep Naturals. You can visit their full website here.

Awesome Audiobooks – Hide and Seek by Amy Shojai

For all who love audiobooks …

Welcome to this series of reviews. Since starting Audiobook Edge, I have had the privilege of listening to a slew of wonderful audiobooks. I’m eager to share them with you. These are the books that will be available to you – the reader courtesy of the author or in some cases, the narrator. In this case, that applies to both since the author did the narrator herself.

*I will do my best to keep spoilers to a minimum*


September Day’s got a past that’s catching up in a dangerous way.

Random Comments:

– I’ve not read or heard the first in the series.

– There are a few sections in here from Shadow’s (the dog) pov. I’d become familiar with the author’s penchant for such things through her Kindle Worlds story, Born to Love, so it fit fine. It adds a charming element to the work.

– Much of the story is grim as there’s clearly a stalker at work. But there are enough other sideplots to keep it light.

– The narration was decent. I’m super picky about such things and I’ve heard a lot of audios, so I could hear where some of the edit pts weren’t completely clean. They were few enough and far enough between to keep from interfering with the entertainment value.

– There was quite a bit of setup. Things were tied together in the end, but it’s on the long side, so expect to need to wade in to get the full value out of the work.

– The cover makes more sense once the story’s done. I love when that happens.

– There are some authors you would never want to be a character for … this is certainly true for Ms. Shojai. Poor September.


A great addition to the world of audiobooks. This can be read/listened to without having heard the first, though I’m sure that there’s an added layer of enjoyment for fans familiar with the series already. Check this one out.

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