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Remember how I said something like reviews make the world go round for an indie writer? Okay, so if I didn’t, I’m saying it now. Reviews can’t make a book better, but they sure as sugar can make a book look better. Perception’s a lot in this modern world.

Fantastic Idea:

One of my reviewers had a fantastic idea. She said that I should have links to the various places each book could be reviewed as that would make it worlds easier for people to review a book. So, here they are … links to every site I can imagine for each book.

Note: A Books2read Universal Link should have further links to Apple, Nook, Kobo, Scribd, 24Symbols, Inktera, !ndigo, Angus and Robertson, and Mondadori. You’re not obligated to review any of the books on all of the sites, just the one(s) you feel would be useful to you.

Heartfelt Cases Series (Christian Mystery):

The Collins Case: FREE Amazon, Universal link, Goodreads

The Kiverson Case: Amazon, Universal link, Goodreads

The Davidson Case: Amazon, Universal link, Goodreads

The Keres Case: Amazon, Universal link, Goodreads

Heartfelt Cases 1-3: Amazon, Universal link, Goodreads

Devya’s Children (Science Fiction/Young Adult):

The Dark Side of Science: Amazon, Universal link, Goodreads

Ashlynn’s Dreams: Amazon, Universal link, Goodreads

Nadia’s Tears: Amazon, Universal link, Goodreads

Malia’s Miracles: Amazon, Universal link, Goodreads

Varick’s Quest: Amazon, Universal link, Goodreads

Devya’s Children 1-3: Amazon, Universal link, Goodreads

Redeemer Chronicles (Fantasy/Middle Grade):

Awakening: Amazon, Universal link, Goodreads

Kindle Worlds Novellas (Mystery/Thriller):

Ghost Girl Files 1: Fatal Interest: Amazon, Goodreads

Never Again: Amazon, Goodreads

Shadow Council 1: Money Makes it Deadlier: Amazon, Goodreads

Shadow Council 2: Revenge Makes it Sweeter: Amazon, Goodreads

Shadow Council 3: Christmas Makes it Chaos: Amazon, Goodreads

Shadow Council 4: Treachery Makes it Tense: Amazon, Goodreads

Shadow Council Omnibus: Amazon, Goodreads

Eagle Eyes 1: Violence in Vegas: Amazon, Goodreads

Eagle Eyes 2: Rescue in Reno: Amazon, Goodreads

Children’s/Short Stories/Anthologies:

Ashlynn’s Dreams Shorts: Helping Mr. Blairington and Other Misadventures: Amazon, Universal Link, Goodreads

The Golden City Captives: Amazon, Universal link;

The Quinn Case: Amazon, Goodreads

Fantastic Creatures: FREE, Amazon, Goodreads

Hall of Heroes: FREE, Amazon, Goodreads

Where the Light May Lead: Amazon, Goodreads

The Light Leads to Hope and Peace: Amazon, Goodreads


Thin Black Road: Amazon, Goodreads

5 Steps Series Nonfiction:

5 Steps to Better Blurbs: Crafting Dynamic Descriptions that Sell: Amazon, Goodreads

5 Steps to Surviving Teaching: Tips for Conquering the First Year and Every Year: Amazon, Goodreads (coming soon)

5 Steps to Surviving Chemistry: Tips for Understanding a Challenging Course: Amazon, Goodreads (coming soon)


Reviews don’t have to be complicated things. Basically, just tell what you liked, what you didn’t like, and why you would recommend the story to others. We all love stories. A review’s just a chance to say why.

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Awesome Audiobooks: 5/5 The Beast of Talesend by Kyle Robert Shultz

5/5 Definitely Worth Hearing


Nick Beasley’s a magical sceptic until he’s struck with something that turns him into a beast. What follows is the misadventure of Nick and Lady Cordelia Beaumont trying to set all these wrongs to right.

Additional Comments:

  • The story hits all the right ridiculous notes. It’s a lighthearted, save-the-world story that pulls off a rather simple plot with style through dashes of wit and fun characters.
  • Nick and Lady Cordelia (sorry if I spelled her name wrong, I heard the audio …) are an interesting pair. There’s potential for them to become a couple in future books, but this one focuses on them being crazy partners of a sort.
  • Crispin’s a decent side kick, or at least I think that’ll be his role in any future works. I like that there’s a good sense of closure but enough of an opening that a sequel would feel natural.
  • The bad guy’s plan doesn’t seem very plausible but he fits the bill for power-hungry storybook villain.
  • The world-building is okay. There’s a section where Lady Cordelia basically explains magic for Nick’s sake but given that he’s spent much of his life actively disbelieving in magic, that sort of makes sense.
  • Nick’s surprisingly cool with being magically morphed into a monster.
  • The narrator’s British accent isn’t exactly Hollywood’s version but it fits the character and the story well. His performance adds a nice layer.



If you’re in the mood for fun fantasy, this book would do.


The ebook is only $0.99, but go for the audio version.

It’s so much better as a performance.

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