Audiobook Reviews: 4/5 Stars: Death in Copper Town (Pegasus Quincy Mystery Series Book 1) by Lakota Grace

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Narrated by Amy Otteson


You may not want to read the blurb. It kind of spells out the story. Peg Quincy’s a newbie at the law enforcement thing on temporary assignment in a small Arizona town. Soon into her assignment, a body shows up in her jurisdiction. She follows the mystery wherever it leads, but in a small town where everybody knows everybody, that means suspects aren’t strangers.

Additional Comments:

  • Main Character 4/5: Peg’s the sort of rookie you can root for. She’s not perfect, but she is determined to follow the leads to the end. She’s not exactly a gunslinger, but she’s also not afraid to defend herself and/or innocent people.
  • Side Characters 4/5: Every good mystery series has to have a cast of quirky weirdos and loveable side kicks to help the hero/heroine. From her Grandfather to the housekeeper, Peg’s got her hands full dealing with the locals.
  • Plot 3.5/5: As most of these small town, one cop type mysteries go, this one falls a tad more toward the cozy rather than thriller side.
  • Narration 3/5: It’s okay. Amy Otteson handles Peg’s voice decently, but she doesn’t have much variation when it comes to males. I think there were a few minor editing issues too. I’ve come across books with much worse edits, but a few things jumped out.
  • Content warnings: casual cursing; one adult scene (it was tastefully handled, but kind of random)
  • First person narration.
  • Reminiscent of the Joanna Brady series by J.A. Jance. Kinda hits that same mark – small town sheriff in Arizona.


Relatively clean modern mystery. Characters you can cheer for.

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