2.5/5 Traveller – Mr. Blue by Zak Standridge

(4-star narration, 1-star story)

Narrated by Chaz Heiber

Run Time: 14 hrs and 11 mins


A series of seemingly random adventures through time and space.

Additional Comments:

  • I’m going to preface with time travel stories are not my favorite.
  • Chaz Heiber’s performance was strong, even though I didn’t like every voice he employed on the large cast. Voices were distinct for the most part. I would definitely listen to more books narrated by him. The narration style is a hair too earnest for my personal taste.
  • The book clearly strives to be Dr. Who. My experience with the show is limited to the first season. Then, I just never bothered. So, this book may have more appeal for die-hard fans of Dr. Who.
  • There’s a flippant feel to the story that makes it difficult to take seriously. However, I can see this appealing to those who liked Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. There’s little sense of real danger because the protagonist is pretty much immortal. He’ll switch forms or something.
  • It may also have helped to know what happened in book 1 because the beginning feels like being dropped into the middle of the story.
  • The way it’s written is super annoying. Everything harps back to colors, and I think the perspective shifts mid-scene. (the Cobalt Stranger, Mr. Blue, the Violet Stranger, the Beautiful Time Agent, the Time Lord, etc) Something will be described then there will be a shift and you’ll see the same or similar things from a slightly diff perspective.
  • There was a LOT of action, which is good, but the plot meandered all over the place with very little connection between random points. (That’s one of my nits with time travel books in general. Something happens, hop in time machine, poof appear somewhere else, something else happens, hop in time machine, etc)
  • Some characters seemed like their entire existence was to provide dialogue opportunities to explain stuff to the reader. (The Retired Commodore.)
  • The antagonist’s motives are entirely clear.
  • It’s about 6 hours too long. If a lot of the superfluous stuff went away, you could pull off a more streamlined, action-packed story. Heck, I think an hour would disappear if you removed half the references to variations on the color blue.


If you really want something reminiscent of Dr. Who and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, this might fulfill that need. Listen to the sample and decide for yourself.

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