Audiobook Reviews 3.45/5 Stars: Transcription by Tyler Michael

pic from audible

Narrated by Brian Ross

Performance 4, story 3.

Run Time: 4 hrs and 24 mins


Reads like a very long book report. That’s not a knock against the narrator. He did fine. The style the author chose is the cold, sterile dude analyzing a tragic accident set in space. Premise is that the military had a secret installation in space to do some medical research on transcription.

Additional Comments:

  • It’s like the author loves bio but fell asleep during the whole transcription/translation thing. I get that this is science fiction, but the author doesn’t really provide a satisfactory answer to why the government would put that much time, energy, and effort into the program. One of the “side effects” could be seen as the main reason, but the billed reason—for space travel—is way less convincing. If you don’t have the machinery in place for terraforming, fueling, etc, having a completely healthy copy of a person on a distant planet, does zip.
  • 4/5 Performance: The narrator chose sort of an announcer style, which fit the story but isn’t exactly my favorite. He distinguished characters pretty well.
  • There does manage to be some fitting twists and turns throughout the story, which is cool, if you don’t mind mad scientist tropes.
  • The characters are fine, but none are truly likable people.
  • Writing mechanics 2.5: I usually don’t pick up on stuff in audio format but there were a few instances of the wrong word choice in a dialogue tag. Things like replied when no question was asked or as the tag for a question. Also, it seemed like a few places were straight up infodumps with the wrong character (the LT) explaining all the science-y stuff.


If you don’t think too deeply about the science described, you may enjoy this scifi tale. As I said, it’s got some satisfying twists and a solid performance.

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Movie Review 4.5 Stars: 1917

Movie poster

*Spoiler Section at end is going to be fatter than usual because I can’t say much without spoiling something.


Lance Corporals Blake and Schofield are sent on a dangerous mission to stop a doomed attack. (Not a spoiler, that’s in the trailer.) Quite a few minutes of the beginning are spent following the young men as they receive their orders and begin to pick their way through the British line towards the front and then into No Man’s Land.

Additional Comments:

  • Blake and Schofield don’t know what they’ve been summoned for, but it’s quickly apparent that it’ll be a personal mission for Blake. His older brother is one of the men whose company is marching into potential disaster.
  • Plot 4/5: Pretty straightforward, but they manage a few surprises.
  • Violence level: High. It’s a war movie. If they’re not picking their way through grossness, they’re running for their lives.
  • Worth seeing in theaters? Yes. It’s the kind of movie enhanced by a larger screen. You can enjoy it on a phone or a home television, but you’ll be missing out on a lot of the film’s beauty and horror.
  • It’s not a feel-good comedy by any stretch, but they worked in some lighter moments.
  • I found it interesting to try to track which scenes made it into the trailer.
  • The characters are kind of bland, but they’re guys worth rooting for. I think that may have been part of the point. WWI was full of confusion, hardship, and millions of young men with stories that got drastically altered or cut short.


War movies aren’t my go-to genre, but this one was fulfilling to see. It’s a solid movie.

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Spoiler Section:

  • I did not see Blake’s death coming. It makes sense in everything right down to who’s pictured first on Rotten Tomatoes, but I’m glad I didn’t have that surprise spoiled. It’s a bold choice—offing one of the main characters near the beginning. But I think it works to drive the movie forward.
  • Schofield doesn’t want to be there, but he’s seen more action than Blake. He is the more experienced soldier. He’s become a tad cynical about things, like his medal (just a piece of tin). Blake’s still new enough to be charmed by the thought of a medal (it’s not just a piece of medal…it’s got a ribbon too.)
  • War is complicated. Blake and Schofield couldn’t just watch the enemy fighter burn to death but rescuing him cost Blake his life. That’s messed up, but just the sort of messed up stuff that could happen.
  • I cried twice. Couldn’t tell you that before without spoiling something. Once when Blake and Schofield had their moment while Blake was dying. Second time was when Schofield handed the rings and dogtag to Blake’s brother. It was sad to see the brother go from anticipating/looking for Blake to realizing the truth to struggling to contain his grief.