1819 Songs for Students Playlist Explained Part 1

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The tradition started last year. One of my friends got me into making Spotify lists, so it seemed natural to create a list for my current students. As we approach the end of the first quarter, I feel like I know them well enough to at least attempt putting the list together. It won’t be done until June 2019, but this is what’s currently here. The post is going to focus on the first 1/3 or ½, depending on how much I gotta say. I’m probably going to be adding random commentary as I go. The lyrics pasted in are my favorites. Sometimes, I include them because they just sound cool and sometimes, they have deep meaning.


Find the full list to the 1819 Songs for Students here.

(Links should go to Youtube. I will try to embed a few as well.)

Opening Songs …

Game of Survival by Ruelle (album = Madness)

Sometimes I pick songs for the lyrics, and other times, I go for the whole feel or even just the title. This song has a little bit of everything. Life in general is a game of survival. You’ve got to learn to balance work and play. Being a teenager’s not easy, and I definitely don’t envy those who have to grow up now.


Ready Set Let’s Go by Sam Tinnesz (from Ready Set Let’s Go)

I love this upbeat song. It could totally be used for a cheerleading squad’s routine.

“We’re death defyin’
Coming in like lightnin’
Look out, we’re strikin’
Ready set, ready set, let’s go”

Stand Strong, Stand Together by Christopher Lennertz (from Mass Effect 3)

A beautiful and sweeping score that conveys the idea of solidarity. Some people might discount or dislike video game music, but in the past few decades, some of the most moving themes have been featured on games. You don’t have to play the games to appreciate the emotions being conveyed. I forget where exactly this song pops up in ME3. I think it’s near the very end before you head into the final confrontation. Video games are rather violent in many cases. Ones like this usually reach a do or die moment where winning is the only option.

Still Breathing by Veridia (Still Breathing)

Some events in life hit harder than others. If you’re still breathing, you can make it through to a better moment in time. Life’s full of darkness and light, but you are never truly alone in any of your struggles. I hope you remember that.

“Every moment every day is a gift you gave

And I can’t believe I’m still breathing.”


“Let the monsters come

Not gonna be afraid

Cause I know that I’m not alone

I’ve got giants on my side.”


Unstoppable by The Score

The basic message of the song is great: always strive for the very best. As mentioned previously, there are things in life that hit you very hard, but in the end, you’re unstoppable (if you don’t give up.)

“Keep your silver, give me that gold
You’ll remember when I say
We can be heroes everywhere we go
Keeping us down is impossible
Cause we’re unstoppable”


First Class by Henry Jackman (X-Men: First Class)

Another score that conveys ideas of solidarity and drawing together to face hardship. My class is NOT hardship, but there are times where I expect you to work together to overcome the challenges you’re faced with.


Elements by Lindsey Stirling

This woman has one of the most unique sound qualities I’ve ever heard. Besides, how could I turn down the opportunity to insert a song with such a fitting title for us in chemistry? It’s also lovely, if a tad on the long side. It would make a great soundtrack to viewing something at the microscopic/atomic level. The geometric shapes you’d see if you got down that small would be amazing. There’s order to matter, but chemical reactions and matter interactions have a chaotic quality to them.


Never Give Up by Sia (from “Lion” Soundtrack)

Probably not most of our stories, but the sentiments in the song ring true. I really don’t expect bad things to happen right now, but that’s just the nature of some of life’s nasty surprises. Never give up is a pretty straightforward message. You can overcome anything. I also like that this song is all about finding one’s way home. Family can be a huge support and comfort in all times.

“I’ll keep gettin’ up when I hit the ground
Oh, never give up, no, never give up no, no, oh”


Never Going Back by The Score

“I’ve already hit the low, oh, oh, oh, oh
I’ve already felt the cold, oh, oh, oh, oh
So I’m never giving up, never gonna crack
Never giving in, never going back”


Taking a Stand by Henry Jackman (given the cover, I’m gonna guess it’s from Captain America: The Winter Soldier)

Score time. Never give up on your friends. Certainly, don’t let them lead you down a dark path, but stand by them when you can. Cap doesn’t give up on Bucky.


Can’t Stop Me Now by Oh the Larceny

This song is so clear with its message it actually comes across as arrogant. Not sure I agree with quite everything here, but the sentiment of never stopping is still applicable.

“Ain’t afraid to bare my soul, ain’t afraid to walk on coals
Hear the thunder when I step, you know where to place your bet”


Take Flight by Lindsey Stirling

Parts of this song soar high while others dip. There’s a lot of movement here. Like Elements, this music feels like a great representation of what we do. Chemistry is about studying matter and its interactions. There’s a great deal of mystery and excitement. Ha, I can tell I haven’t convinced you all of that quite yet, but maybe one day.

Conclusion to Part I:

That’s as good a stopping point as any. Lindsey’s a gem. Lots more to come. To get the full effect, hear the whole list start to finish. The placement of each song was something I messed with for quite some time.



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Amazon Prime

The Collins Case – 2 FBI agents track down a kidnapped family. Kid friendly.

If fantasy’s more your thing, go Redeemer Chronicles. The first, Awakening, is available as an audiobook.

Ashlynn’s Dreams Shorts – a kid deals with her parents’ divorce, bullies, and the wonder of discovery.

Try The Dark Side of Science – Genetically altered kids fight for the right to live.


1718 Songs for Students Playlist Explanation

This is the lovely cover shot that Spotify made, so I’ma go with it.

Link to the 1718 Songs for Students Spotify Playlist.

Dear students,


If you have no idea what I’m taking about, you either missed class when I talked about this, you weren’t paying attention, or you’re not one of my current students. All sound possibilities. No matter how you got here, welcome. I hope if you are one of my students you’ve received your personal letter. Not sure how that tradition got started, but it’s something I’ve done each year since starting teaching. Personal letters are a rarity. Also, it gives me a chance to address each of you individually, something that doesn’t always happen in wider school settings. A friend, former student actually, got me started on making playlists. So naturally, I decided to compile one specifically for the students from the 2017-2018 school year. (Random people are welcomed too. I hope you find something to love. There’s some great music here.)

Disclaimer: I own none of the music. All opinions and meanings/interpretations are just that … opinions.

A Note About Flow (List Order):

The song order probably isn’t perfect, but I feel like this is the journey we’ve been on this year. Also, all of us are somewhere here in terms of finding out who we are, what we stand for, and what we believe. I truly hope you each find peace. Generally speaking, the songs start out with ones about longing and confusion then move on to hope and growth. Next comes endurance and strength and finally, victory. (The links should go to Youtube.)

Song List and Their Meanings:

Breath of Life by Florence + The Machine

“I was looking for a breath of life
A little touch of heavenly light
But all the choirs in my head sang no
To get a dream of life again
A little of vision of the start and the end
But all the choirs in my head sang no”

“Whose side am I on?”

In some way, we’re all looking for that breath of life, “a little touch of heavenly light,” but the “choirs” in our heads are saying no. Sometimes we’re our own worst enemy. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen students struggle not just with the chemistry, but with much bigger life issues. It’s hard to turn off the choirs in our head that whisper doubts to us.

Up Down by Boy Epic

Besides being a neat, epic sounding song. I feel like this speaks very well to a general sense of lostness and confusion. “And I’m barely breathing, but I’ll fight on” … “Still fighting my demons”

Strength to Believe by Epic Score

Nothing like a solid, sweeping score to gear up for a fight. If this were a video game, this is about the part where all the bad guys start coming out of the walls and you gotta fight fast or die. I love the title. It’s very uplifting. Sometimes, belief is really hard to come by. This goes deeper than a Hallmark-y “just believe in yourself and everything turns to puppies and rainbows.” Still, there’s some truth to the song. Just listen to it. Music often transcends words. The beginning chords are very inspirational, yet there’s a sense of danger and a promise of a good, rousing fight.

Breath and Life by Audiomachine

Okay, so you probably don’t need the extended version. But it had a safer picture than the other one. Different take on the ideal of time passing and gearing up for life.

Who Are You by Svrcina

At first, I didn’t really like this song, but it became one of my favorites. This is how I feel sometimes. “You’re not such an easy target. One minute I know you, then I don’t. Hello. Who are you?” Students (people in general) are very good at putting on masks. Only when chaos is breaking out do I realize that there are things beyond the here and now that are fighting me. Guessing the same holds true for others. Other times, we just have to ask ourselves the question: who are you?

Even if it Hurts by Sam Tinnesz

I actually didn’t pick this song for you, the artist did. See, I wasn’t very tech savvy about my Facebook app. In trying to find and like Sam Tinnesz’s Facebook page, my phone decided I should just PM the man. So my thumbs up like went directly to him. Later, I got a reply thumbs up (’cause what else can one do?). Anyway, so I told him what happened and then remembered I was compiling this list. I asked him to recommend one of his songs to you guys and this is what he chose because it’s about sacrificial love. There are some beautiful friendships in the classes. Friendship’s about more than goofing around in class. It’s about being there for your friends during the good, the bad, and the ugly.

We Will All Be Changed by Seryn

I originally had the song at the beginning of the list, but I like it much better here. It’s really a turning point song. After realizing you’re looking for a breath of life, preparing to enter a struggle, and drawing closer to friends, you’re ready for change. Life’s all about change. I think I put that in many of the personal letters. But it’s a message for everybody, regardless of if you actually got those words written to you.

Undefeated (feat. Beacon Light) by Tommee Profitt, Beacon Light

Not my typical fare for music, I can assure you. Still, this song is awesome. Listen very carefully to the lyrics. “We undefeated.” “rising back up from the ground” “we rising” “never back down.”

The Hate Inside (feat. Sam Tinnesz) by Tommee Profitt, Sam Tinnesz

This song stands as a beautiful, poignant warning. Holding on to negative emotions, including hate, it’s going to eat you alive. “Like liquid poison, it takes its toll.”

Dragonland by Thomas Bergersen

Besides being great music to study for finals (hint, hint), this is good “wait time” music. The Hate Inside is pretty weighty. This is lighter. There are ominous sections to it, but at the heart, the score’s got great buildup to another fight. It’s very inspirational.

Invincible by Two Steps from Hell

Similar in style to Dragonland. This is good musical encouragement to keep struggling against the things that challenge you. Giving up is the most painful thing to watch. Fight on. Life can be very difficult. Turn to family and friends. People can be difficult, but they make life worth living. Seek to take care of each other. This does not include cheating. Ha, sometimes, it means standing up to a friend and saying, you’re going to have to do this yourself because it’s good for you in the long run.

Something Can Grow by Tony Anderson

The direct result of most struggles is growth. This song is occasionally too slow for my tastes, but it captures the idea of waiting, watching, and growth very well.

Fight Club by Lorne Balfe

I partly needed to get back to rousing themes. Also, the song is great for continuing the idea of battle on as well as introducing the theme of endurance. There are notes in the background that are reminiscent of a ticking clock. To me, that says passage of time.

Trouble in Town by Lorne Balfe

This song throws you right in the middle of a fight. It’s like the previous song set you up then BOOM fight.

Roots by Swingin Hammers

Hands down, one of the hardest videos for me to watch. I refuse. It makes me nauseous, but the music is lovely. The lyrics are powerful too. “I’m tired of running, running, running into the things that kill my soul” “tired of always swinging hammers at the love that makes me whole.” Again, we have the idea that we’re occasionally our own worst enemy. “bout time to start kicking, screaming, got to get out of here fast” Okay, so those last lyrics might be every student and teacher come the end of the school year, but metaphorically, run away from the things that kill your soul. Oh, that applies to many self-destructive tendencies people have.

Heart of Courage by Thomas Bergersen

One of my favorite processing songs. This minibreak should give you time to take in the heavy-hitting lyrics from “Roots.” It’s also a great song for embodying the idea of endurance and carrying on through hard things. Much of life requires a heart of courage to wade through well.

Never Give Up by UNSECRET, feat. Rose Cousins

The central message is present in the title. “Never give up.” “Never ever ever ever, ever ever ever. Never give up …” “It’ll take all of us to make this right” Generally, I’m not a fan of repetition, but the idea that you have to repeat never giving up is important. You have to continually fight the urge to just throw your hands up and quit hard things. Growth comes from struggling through things that hurt. That’s not to say go seek tough things to overcome. Enough hard stuff will roll your way just as a part of life. When they do come, never give up.

For This You Were Born UNSECRET, Fleurie

“Silence the doubt in your mind. You were by design a victor.” I love those lyrics. A lot of people go throughout life thinking “what’s the point?” and “I’m just not good enough” You were born to be a victor. Silencing doubt in your head is a great place to start.

“Know in your heart you’re alive. Destiny is on your side.” Pretty. Not quite sure I grasp the full implication of the words, but I like the sentiment.

Who Are You (Russ Macklin Remix) by Svrcina, Russ Macklin

Some questions are worth repeating. Besides, this is a nice remix. Surprising how much changing the tempo can change quite a bit about a song. Still, I figured near the end is a great place to revisit the question: who are you?

Guardians At the Gate by Audiomachine

Actually, the video montage here is decent too. Beautiful music to again remind you that life is a struggle, but a beautiful one.

Empire of Angels by Thomas Bergersen

Finally, time to slow down. Again, great studying music. Can’t tell you how many lesson plans got written to music like this. I think this has a lot more gentle themes to it. We’re back to contemplative, softer, still epic music.

Victory by Two Steps from Hell

As I hear this for the umpteenth time, I think I probably should have switched Victory and Empire of Angels, but title wise, I like how it goes now. There’s something nice with ending a year on a note of victory. For some of us, just passing is our victory.


There will be many things for you to face this summer and the years beyond. Music can’t fix everything, but I hope this list has given you something to think about. Success doesn’t automatically mean money and fame. It means living life well, not just for yourself, but for others in your life. Take responsibility for who you are, what you believe, what you will become. It’s been a pleasure to work with each of you. Come visit in future years (um, just not when you’re supposed to be in a different class, even if there’s a sub there…). I have enjoyed getting to know you as you are now and look forward to seeing where life takes each of you in the future.



Julie C. Gilbert





Companion Playlist for Reclaim the Darklands



Everybody knows that music can hit a whole lot of emotions. People have used it to enhance movies and television shows for ages. Recently, I’ve asked a friend whose taste in music ranges very far and wide to select songs for themes, characters, and situations in some of my book series. What follows is my commentary for a selection of the songs. I will share her thoughts later in the week. This kind of project is very collaborative. I focused a lot on the story tie-ins and my friend did that plus paid attention to the flow of music.

Here’s the link to the ebook connected to this music. You can receive the first in the series by joining my mailing list. (There are also a lot of opportunities to win free paperback versions.)

Reclaim the Darkland Playlist

Select Character Themes:

Right Where You Want Me – Victoria Saveron (beginning)

“If I’m a target for the enemy, then I’m exactly where you want me.” It captures the idea that no world changing ever happens in complete peace. There’s conflict. There’s hardship. There’s war.

For This You Were Born – Victoria Saveron (end; she’s half Arkonai/ half Saroth)

The song kind of sums up the whole series. I don’t think the lyrics particularly contain spoilers but there are several parts that connect very well to Vic’s journey to understand who she is and what she’s always been destined to accomplish. “Silence the doubt in you mind. You were by design a victor”

Born to Bring the Light – Katrina Polani (Saroth)

Katrina’s always been very comfortable supporting Vic’s quest, but there’s also a time when she’s asked to step up even more. “I wasn’t looking for a fight, but the fight found me.” “I was born to bring the light. To chase the dark and face the night.”

On My Side – Sara Andari (Bereft)

Sara’s always had very, very strong faith. Even though she’s Bereft, meaning she has no connection to magic, she trusts the One completely. “You go before me. You stand behind. You tell my fear to run. Always and forever I am loved.” (Could also be for Vic, but more than half the songs have some connection to her.)

Devil’s Got No Hold – Shadow (Arkonai)

This is for his turning point. Most characters have one. There’s a particular point late in the book where Shadow needs to pick a side once and for all. “He can’t have the best of me. The devil’s got no hold on me”

My Favorites:

With 57 songs, it’s inevitable that any listener will be able to find a few favorites and a few they have trouble connecting to. I’m no exception. Here are a few of my personal favorites.

Who Are You and the Who Are You remix:

They’re both gorgeous pieces of music. I argued strongly to keep both in the list, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t have to twist my friend’s arm too hard. They ended up at different parts of the list because the differences in their tempos facilitated different moods. I feel like the lyrics fit the Dark Man (bad guy) questioning Vic. “You’re not such an easy target. One minute I know you then I don’t.”

Be A Witness: This song is pretty convicting. The whole of Redeemer Chronicles has some strong themes of racial tensions and unrest. “If you want to watch the war break out. If you want to let your silence shout. You can, but I won’t just be a witness.” This is the crux of the declaration the main characters are making at the beginning of the story.

Roots: This is beautiful and poignant song about breaking free. Different context than the video, but there’s a chapter in the book that lines up with the ideas pretty closely. “I’m tired of running, running running into the things that kill my soul.”

Chapter Alignments (Work in Progress):

This is a slightly outdated list, but it shows you some of my initial processing of the list of music. Question marks mean I wasn’t certain of the placement. There might be a few songs that were removed from the list, but I “think” I got them all.

Chapter 1: Rise of the Redeemers – We will All Be Changed; Be A Witness (Wow, powerful song)

Chapter 2: Hostage Negotiation – Watch Your Back

Chapter 3: Two Visitors – Right Where You Want Me

Chapter 4: Search for the Sage – Heart of Courage

Chapter 5: Resolute Rule – The Hate Inside; Free

Chapter 6: Kaltan City Fires – Hero

Chapter 7: Redeemer’s Gift – On my Side (Sara)

Chapter 8: Special Election – Let the Light Come In

Chapter 9: Prison Break – Free??; Fight On

Chapter 10: Unlikely Healers – Salt of the Earth

Chapter 11: Control Spells – Never Give up?

Chapter 12: Messengers – Find You

Chapter 13: Into the Darklands – Madness (entry); Wake Up World (Vic’s pov – as Vic steps into the Darklands) Running for Your Life (Dark Man’s pov); Closing In; Never give up?

Chapter 14: Special Guests – Game of Survival

Chapter 15: The Black Dragon’s Army – Turning Tides; Legends are Made; Sound Off the Sirens

Chapter 16: Renew and Restore – Conquer; Cover the Earth; Wake Me

Chapter 17: Four Corners –  Ready Set Let’s Go; Devil’s Got No Hold

Chapter 18: Trail of Tears – Never Surrender; Heart of Courage;

Chapter 19: Perfect Prison – Song of the Beyond; Dreamer; Roots

Chapter 20: The Dead Find Rest – Recover; Breathe; Something can Grow; Let the Light Come In

Chapter 21: Fourth Form – Dragonland;

Chapter 22: Most Desperate Hour – I Know Your Secrets; Who Are You (Remix)

Chapter 23: Family Affair – Darkness (Dina’s theme)

Chapter 24: Soul Keeper – Born to Bring the Light (Katrina’s Theme)

Chapter 25: Campfire and Crossroads – Blood and Tears; Never Give Up; Into the White Light


Whether you get to read the book or not, you should totally check out this fabulous list of music. Then go follow all those artists and support them on their journeys. Thanks for reading.


Associate links to follow…

Amazon Prime


Audible – If you’d like some free codes, please email me at [email protected] with requests for any of my works.

Into the Future: Songs for 2018


Last quarter of 2017 a friend of mine randomly sent me a Spotify list with songs that corresponded to one of my books. She’d sent me other lists over the years, but this time, the idea intrigued me. Anyway, long story short, I got sucked into buying the Spotify upgrade to avoid those crappy Christmas commercials. And I love it (Spotify premium, not the idiotic commercials). Guess my friend is rubbing off on me because I am not making playlists.

Link to the whole list.

I would say it can be played in most any order, but the order I put the first 23 is roughly the journey. It probably makes zero “musical flow” sense.

23 Songs for 2018 and (Some of) What they Mean to Me:

Put it on the Altar by Jessica Reedy

Really, it’s more about leaving the previous year (and all burdens) behind. Surrendering what weighs you down.

Creation of Earth by Thomas Bergersen

A beautiful, powerful song about creation and remaking. Once the burdens are laid down, it’s time to reform and grow.

Won’t He Do It by Koryn Hawthorne

The song’s a promise about God’s strength and provision. “I got mountains to climb/But the enemy can’t stop me/cause there’s a calling on my life”

Resurrection Blood by Cody Carnes

Another powerful song about why we can stand strong in the midst of everything. “All my fears went running from the Holy Ghost”

Down to the River to Pray by Alison Krauss

A reminder that prayers for everybody in all situations.

Be Still by Rivers & Robots

Beautiful and peaceful instrumental piece.

I Feel His Love by Laura Hackett

Heard this song a while ago. Another song about freedom and assurance about the perfect love of Christ.

Show Me by GAWVI

Another song about knowing God better. “I want to know you more” … “All I know is that/that I’m desperate for you”

Tremble by Mosaic

“Jesus, you make the darkness tremble”

Deeper by Svrcina

(Her last name is roughly pronounced – “Ser seen ah”; pretty much I can’t ever spell it right either.) This is probably the only song I am still struggling to make heads or tails of the lyrics. Still, it’s beautiful, and I like the sentiment of going deeper with God this year.

New Heart by Mosaic

“I’m on my way to your heart, Lord/ Show me your heart.”

I Don’t Belong to You by Crystal Nicole

This song’s about overcoming the things people can say against you. I don’t have a problem with feeling ugly or inadequate, but I work in a school and I’m pretty sure those emotions are rampant in that environment. The song’s pretty empowering. It has several wonderful reminders. “You can’t control what you don’t own and baby, I don’t belong to you.” Also, “took what you meant to discourage and I flipped it around to encourage my life.”

Fire – Paris Blohm remix by 3LAU

Lovely, upbeat song. Certain sections have background pieces that feel like a video game. It’s a really interesting mix. “I feel the fire./ It’s burning inside of me.” It’s a great song for feeling bright passion about a cause.

Heart of Courage by Thomas Bergersen

Instrumental song that is a nice followup to Fire. More of a movie soundtrack sort of inspirational theme. After getting pumped and feeling the fire, this one’s more about carrying on in hard times, having a heart of courage in the midst of trials.

Stix and Stones by HillaryJane

This one goes along with “I don’t belong to you.” I especially love this line: “take ’em home, clean ’em off, dress ’em up/ turn the other cheek/when they strike you sing ’em love.” That last part resonates very strongly with where I’m at. Anybody who knows my teaching situation this year knows that I have a more challenging group than last year. It’s taken a while, but my hearts breaking for them. This song articulates some of what I feel.

Jericho by Livre’, A$ap Ferg

Song made me cry. I’m holding on to this one as a promise of what 2018 holds. “The walls got to come down.”

My Domain by Tommee Profitt, Svrcina

Hands down, one of my new favorite songs. First ran across this song in the Spirit’s Bane playlist mentioned earlier. Upon first listen, I actually had it pegged for a good bad guy theme because it starts out kind of dark, but a look at the lyrics and a few emails with my friend convinced me it’s actually a great theme for one of the angels of Light near the end of the book. Basically, a song of declaration that the enemy (Satan) has no power in “my domain.”

Aside: The Spirit’s Bane ebook is free this year.


Worth Fighting For by CASS

My three favorite lines:

“I ain’t striving for greatness/cause it ain’t my style.”

“Let me see what you see in me/ Let me be who you want me to be”

“You see a life worth fighting for”

Steady Me by Hollyn, Aaron Cole

Another favorite. 3 favorite lines:

“I just need to step out and step into your flow”

“Ready my heart for everything that’s coming my way.”

“Help me trust that you’re ahead of me. Going before my feet with every step I take”

Born to Bring the Light by Cameron James

Beautiful new song. I don’t think it’s for sale wide until the middle of January. Released yesterday or so on Spotify and Youtube. Love this woman’s voice. “I can feel the fear leaving.”

Kyrie Eleison (Lord, Have Mercy) sung by Keith and Kristyn Getty (Chris Tomlin song)

Nice reminder and lovely melody. “Fan the fire of compassion once again.”

“Lord renew our vision to be Christ where we live/ To reach out in mercy to the lost.”

Ever Be – Reyer & Retain Remix by Reyer, Retain

Reminder to praise always.

Til the End of Time by Cody Carnes, Kari Jobe

Contemplative, moving song once again about moving closer and growing deeper with God.

“My heart is yours/ til the end of time”

“Your name is my safe house, my refuge/Savior, my anchor/ I run to you”

“I’m safe and sound in your sanctuary.”


Bonus 1 – Beautiful Songs:

He Lives in You by Karliene

Baba Yetu by Supernova


Bonus 2 – Some of My Favorite Hymns

Before the Throne of God Above Lou Fellingham

Come Ye Sinners, Poor and Needy

What Wondrous Love is This


2017 wasn’t bad, but near the end I grew a little fed up with what the world’s telling me about how to be a “successful” writer. There’s a shift in me. I think I’m finally ready to get out of God’s way and let Him work through me.