3.75/5 Nyssa Glass: The Complete Audio Set

cover from audible

Narrated by Mary Ann Weathers

Run Time: 13 hrs and 35 mins

Genre: steampunk-ish, Christian-ish


Nyssa Glass’s life is kind of a mess. She gets framed for her boss’s murder, gets blackmailed into a dangerous job, goes on the run, and still gets a fairy tale ending.

Additional Comments:

  • I really like this author, but some things about the plot and characters annoyed me.
  • There are 5 separate tales here, but you’d probably want to read them in order.
  • The worldbuilding’s interesting, but some things don’t seem to jive. The computers seem way too advanced for the time still talking about “horseless carriages.”
  • The performance was okay. Only the voice for Amara was truly painful to listen to, everybody else was fine. Theo sounded adorable.
  • Even though much of the plot (dumb character decisions) struck me as infuriating, I can see many people just ignoring such or not being bothered by it.
  • The end of each story turned out all right, but the journey there took way too many idiot-induced and convenient timing turns for me to truly enjoy it.
  • This might just be a pet peeve, but the phrase “Shock me” as an expletive got super old real quick. It fits and was clever oh the first one or two of 55 times in that story.


I still like the author. The narrator’s okay. I’m not sure how people in the target audience would take the story, but it’s worth trying.

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Audiobook Reviews 4/5: It’s Only a Clockwork Moon by Billy O’Shea

*Mild spoilers possible in the discussion*

Weird Twist on the Future Continues


Karl Nielsen struggles to make ends meet fixing clocks in the countryside. So, when the king calls him back into service, he sort of has no choice but to take the job to deal with some debt that has accumulated over time. Meanwhile, there’s a separate storyline with some monks on a dangerous mission.

Additional Comments:

  • This is a sequel to Kingdom of Clockwork, but it can be listened to on its own. Hearing the first will give you some background into Karl and his family though.
  • Characters 4/5: Christopher’s a bit of a screwup when it comes to being a monk, but I’m guessing he’s there as comic relief. Brother Joe has some cool inventions. Karl’s a good character because he’s not perfect. He’s not a world class fighter. He’s a clockmaker, an ordinary guy trying to make it in a world gone mad.
  • Plot 4/5: Following the two different storylines is a tad disorienting because half is told in first person and half is third. That’s a find technique, but probably easier to take in when written down. I’m not entirely clear on the monks’ top-secret mission. Karl’s just trying to make it. The kingdom’s in a bit of turmoil, the queen doesn’t particularly like him, and the king’s plans are a tad eccentric. The king demands Karl make several things, including a machine that can reach space and a giant clock.
  • Narration 4/5: The author/narrator knows his story best. He performs the singing parts with gusto.
  • World-building 4.5/5: Most of the heavy lifting for world-building was accomplished in book 1 of the series, but there is enough information for newcomers to jump in.


Whether you have read/heard Kingdom of Clockwork or not, if you are a fan of steampunk, you should give the series a chance. It’s one of those rare futuristic books that don’t just turn everything high tech, it moves up backwards to something well out of the dark ages but still steeped in fantasy charm.


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Audiobook Reviews 4/5 Stars: Kingdom of Clockwork by Billy O’Shea


Intriguing Start to a Steampunk Series

4/5 stars Kingdom of Clockwork (Written and narrated by Billy O’Shea)


Karl Nielsen (going with the spelling I found in a review since I listened to the audio and the blurb doesn’t mention the main character, which is weird) is the king’s clockmaker. Despite kind of just wanting to do his thing quietly, he gets caught up in the court intrigue.

Additional Comments:

-5/5 stars for world-building: This is an intriguing world. To be honest, I had no idea it was supposed to be a future Denmark until I read the blurb (after listening to the book). It’s a future sort of set in the past. There are some things that don’t make sense but it’s not for lack of effort on the author’s part. As a world, they’re back to fighting with muskets and swords and using steam power. Yet there are remnants of what once was, forbidden railways and the like.

– 4/5 characters: Karl’s interesting as a narrator. I enjoyed the beginning even though it didn’t have much to do with the end except describe the world we land in. The king comes across as a decent king, which sort of requires him to be a jerk at times.

– 3.5/5 plot: The beginning is cool because it introduces you to a quaint world set in a future that’s been sent to the past by war and lack of oil. The middle is interesting because it features the bulk of the court intrigue and the start of what could be an exciting adventure. And then, it sort of just runs out of steam (sorry, had to do it). The main character doesn’t actually do much. He’s mostly an observer on this journey that takes up the bulk of the book. It turns into a political thing solved through means that don’t involve a good physical fight (that’s kind of disappointing). It ends with an okay amount of closure, but there are definitely threads to follow into a sequel.

– 4/5 Sound effects and narration: The sound effects were cool and the narration was well- handled.

– Content warnings: It’s mostly a clean fantasy read. There are some mentions of adult content late in the book, but nothing’s particularly described. Still, it’s a bit of an oddity because the rest is something that would be cool for a middle grade student.


Good start to a steampunk, pseudohistorical tale.


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