Into the Future: Songs for 2018


Last quarter of 2017 a friend of mine randomly sent me a Spotify list with songs that corresponded to one of my books. She’d sent me other lists over the years, but this time, the idea intrigued me. Anyway, long story short, I got sucked into buying the Spotify upgrade to avoid those crappy Christmas commercials. And I love it (Spotify premium, not the idiotic commercials). Guess my friend is rubbing off on me because I am not making playlists.

Link to the whole list.

I would say it can be played in most any order, but the order I put the first 23 is roughly the journey. It probably makes zero “musical flow” sense.

23 Songs for 2018 and (Some of) What they Mean to Me:

Put it on the Altar by Jessica Reedy

Really, it’s more about leaving the previous year (and all burdens) behind. Surrendering what weighs you down.

Creation of Earth by Thomas Bergersen

A beautiful, powerful song about creation and remaking. Once the burdens are laid down, it’s time to reform and grow.

Won’t He Do It by Koryn Hawthorne

The song’s a promise about God’s strength and provision. “I got mountains to climb/But the enemy can’t stop me/cause there’s a calling on my life”

Resurrection Blood by Cody Carnes

Another powerful song about why we can stand strong in the midst of everything. “All my fears went running from the Holy Ghost”

Down to the River to Pray by Alison Krauss

A reminder that prayers for everybody in all situations.

Be Still by Rivers & Robots

Beautiful and peaceful instrumental piece.

I Feel His Love by Laura Hackett

Heard this song a while ago. Another song about freedom and assurance about the perfect love of Christ.

Show Me by GAWVI

Another song about knowing God better. “I want to know you more” … “All I know is that/that I’m desperate for you”

Tremble by Mosaic

“Jesus, you make the darkness tremble”

Deeper by Svrcina

(Her last name is roughly pronounced – “Ser seen ah”; pretty much I can’t ever spell it right either.) This is probably the only song I am still struggling to make heads or tails of the lyrics. Still, it’s beautiful, and I like the sentiment of going deeper with God this year.

New Heart by Mosaic

“I’m on my way to your heart, Lord/ Show me your heart.”

I Don’t Belong to You by Crystal Nicole

This song’s about overcoming the things people can say against you. I don’t have a problem with feeling ugly or inadequate, but I work in a school and I’m pretty sure those emotions are rampant in that environment. The song’s pretty empowering. It has several wonderful reminders. “You can’t control what you don’t own and baby, I don’t belong to you.” Also, “took what you meant to discourage and I flipped it around to encourage my life.”

Fire – Paris Blohm remix by 3LAU

Lovely, upbeat song. Certain sections have background pieces that feel like a video game. It’s a really interesting mix. “I feel the fire./ It’s burning inside of me.” It’s a great song for feeling bright passion about a cause.

Heart of Courage by Thomas Bergersen

Instrumental song that is a nice followup to Fire. More of a movie soundtrack sort of inspirational theme. After getting pumped and feeling the fire, this one’s more about carrying on in hard times, having a heart of courage in the midst of trials.

Stix and Stones by HillaryJane

This one goes along with “I don’t belong to you.” I especially love this line: “take ’em home, clean ’em off, dress ’em up/ turn the other cheek/when they strike you sing ’em love.” That last part resonates very strongly with where I’m at. Anybody who knows my teaching situation this year knows that I have a more challenging group than last year. It’s taken a while, but my hearts breaking for them. This song articulates some of what I feel.

Jericho by Livre’, A$ap Ferg

Song made me cry. I’m holding on to this one as a promise of what 2018 holds. “The walls got to come down.”

My Domain by Tommee Profitt, Svrcina

Hands down, one of my new favorite songs. First ran across this song in the Spirit’s Bane playlist mentioned earlier. Upon first listen, I actually had it pegged for a good bad guy theme because it starts out kind of dark, but a look at the lyrics and a few emails with my friend convinced me it’s actually a great theme for one of the angels of Light near the end of the book. Basically, a song of declaration that the enemy (Satan) has no power in “my domain.”

Aside: The Spirit’s Bane ebook is free this year.


Worth Fighting For by CASS

My three favorite lines:

“I ain’t striving for greatness/cause it ain’t my style.”

“Let me see what you see in me/ Let me be who you want me to be”

“You see a life worth fighting for”

Steady Me by Hollyn, Aaron Cole

Another favorite. 3 favorite lines:

“I just need to step out and step into your flow”

“Ready my heart for everything that’s coming my way.”

“Help me trust that you’re ahead of me. Going before my feet with every step I take”

Born to Bring the Light by Cameron James

Beautiful new song. I don’t think it’s for sale wide until the middle of January. Released yesterday or so on Spotify and Youtube. Love this woman’s voice. “I can feel the fear leaving.”

Kyrie Eleison (Lord, Have Mercy) sung by Keith and Kristyn Getty (Chris Tomlin song)

Nice reminder and lovely melody. “Fan the fire of compassion once again.”

“Lord renew our vision to be Christ where we live/ To reach out in mercy to the lost.”

Ever Be – Reyer & Retain Remix by Reyer, Retain

Reminder to praise always.

Til the End of Time by Cody Carnes, Kari Jobe

Contemplative, moving song once again about moving closer and growing deeper with God.

“My heart is yours/ til the end of time”

“Your name is my safe house, my refuge/Savior, my anchor/ I run to you”

“I’m safe and sound in your sanctuary.”


Bonus 1 – Beautiful Songs:

He Lives in You by Karliene

Baba Yetu by Supernova


Bonus 2 – Some of My Favorite Hymns

Before the Throne of God Above Lou Fellingham

Come Ye Sinners, Poor and Needy

What Wondrous Love is This


2017 wasn’t bad, but near the end I grew a little fed up with what the world’s telling me about how to be a “successful” writer. There’s a shift in me. I think I’m finally ready to get out of God’s way and let Him work through me.

A New Kind of Fidget Toy

Need something to occupy kids?


Simple toy to keep your hands busy. (I’ve come to hate fidget spinners. This is a nice, relatively quiet alternative.)

Additional Comments:

– These are probably going to seem expensive if you really only want one, but they’re the sort of thing that it’s nice to have a color variety.
– The packaging is simple yet nice. I like how they come individually wrapped as well as in the box.
– I probably won’t use the carrying case much, but they might make a good alternative to those infernal spinner things.
– You might want to be cautious about giving them to a small child. I think it’s too big to swallow but they have a bit of heft to them, which could be bad in the hands of an enthusiastic toddler who tends to throw things.
– They’re quiet as long as you’re not banging them on something, including each other.


Interesting way to keep one’s hands busy so the mind can process. Or if you’re bored. Or if you just like having something to do with your hands.

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5 Fun, Free Clean Reads – Fantasy

Hall of Heroes Cover


Tired of hearing nothing but negativity? Let me share some free books that will take your mind off the “real world” and its problems. And give you new heroes and villains to wrestle with.

First and Second up: Anthologies Hall of Heroes by various Fellowship of Fantasy authors.

This is the second anthology. The first being Fantastic Creatures. Get introduced to a whole slew of new authors. I really wish this could be on audiobook, but that would take like 19 hours.

Fantasy Retelling: Beauty’s Curse by C.S. Johnson

Beauty's Curse (Once Upon a Princess Series)

Love this cover. Retelling’s aren’t usually my thing, but I’ve read some excellent ones. Will have to put this on the “to read” list.

What’s Fantasy without Dragons?

Dragon’s Future by Kandi J. Wyatt

I heard this one on audiobook. All books should be on audio 🙂

How About Fantasy with some Romance?

An Ordinary Knight by H.L. Burke


Let’s stop there for today. I’ve got a whole bunch of books to add, but I’ve learned that things get lost in the shuffle if too many are mentioned at once. If you’ve read any of these, please chime in with your thoughts. If you want to read any of them, go grab them. These are all permanently free.

If you don’t have a kindle yet, there’s an app here that will let you read on your computer. There’s also one for the iphone/ipad. I do most of my reading on that. (Head’s up. They’re associate links. This really doesn’t affect you in any way, shape, or form, but legally, I think I’m supposed to let you know that I benefit if you partake in the free trials below.)

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Links to Review Sites for Julie C. Gilbert’s Books


Remember how I said something like reviews make the world go round for an indie writer? Okay, so if I didn’t, I’m saying it now. Reviews can’t make a book better, but they sure as sugar can make a book look better. Perception’s a lot in this modern world.

Fantastic Idea:

One of my reviewers had a fantastic idea. She said that I should have links to the various places each book could be reviewed as that would make it worlds easier for people to review a book. So, here they are … links to every site I can imagine for each book.

Note: A Books2read Universal Link should have further links to Apple, Nook, Kobo, Scribd, 24Symbols, Inktera, !ndigo, Angus and Robertson, and Mondadori. You’re not obligated to review any of the books on all of the sites, just the one(s) you feel would be useful to you.

Heartfelt Cases Series (Christian Mystery):

The Collins Case: FREE Amazon, Universal link, Goodreads

The Kiverson Case: Amazon, Universal link, Goodreads

The Davidson Case: Amazon, Universal link, Goodreads

The Keres Case: Amazon, Universal link, Goodreads

Heartfelt Cases 1-3: Amazon, Universal link, Goodreads

Devya’s Children (Science Fiction/Young Adult):

The Dark Side of Science: Amazon, Universal link, Goodreads

Ashlynn’s Dreams: Amazon, Universal link, Goodreads

Nadia’s Tears: Amazon, Universal link, Goodreads

Malia’s Miracles: Amazon, Universal link, Goodreads

Varick’s Quest: Amazon, Universal link, Goodreads

Devya’s Children 1-3: Amazon, Universal link, Goodreads

Redeemer Chronicles (Fantasy/Middle Grade):

Awakening: Amazon, Universal link, Goodreads

Kindle Worlds Novellas (Mystery/Thriller):

Ghost Girl Files 1: Fatal Interest: Amazon, Goodreads

Never Again: Amazon, Goodreads

Shadow Council 1: Money Makes it Deadlier: Amazon, Goodreads

Shadow Council 2: Revenge Makes it Sweeter: Amazon, Goodreads

Shadow Council 3: Christmas Makes it Chaos: Amazon, Goodreads

Shadow Council 4: Treachery Makes it Tense: Amazon, Goodreads

Shadow Council Omnibus: Amazon, Goodreads

Eagle Eyes 1: Violence in Vegas: Amazon, Goodreads

Eagle Eyes 2: Rescue in Reno: Amazon, Goodreads

Children’s/Short Stories/Anthologies:

Ashlynn’s Dreams Shorts: Helping Mr. Blairington and Other Misadventures: Amazon, Universal Link, Goodreads

The Golden City Captives: Amazon, Universal link;

The Quinn Case: Amazon, Goodreads

Fantastic Creatures: FREE, Amazon, Goodreads

Hall of Heroes: FREE, Amazon, Goodreads

Where the Light May Lead: Amazon, Goodreads

The Light Leads to Hope and Peace: Amazon, Goodreads


Thin Black Road: Amazon, Goodreads

5 Steps Series Nonfiction:

5 Steps to Better Blurbs: Crafting Dynamic Descriptions that Sell: Amazon, Goodreads

5 Steps to Surviving Teaching: Tips for Conquering the First Year and Every Year: Amazon, Goodreads (coming soon)

5 Steps to Surviving Chemistry: Tips for Understanding a Challenging Course: Amazon, Goodreads (coming soon)


Reviews don’t have to be complicated things. Basically, just tell what you liked, what you didn’t like, and why you would recommend the story to others. We all love stories. A review’s just a chance to say why.

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Audiobook Readers’ Edge Update

What is Audiobook Edge for Readers?

·         A short, vetted list of clean indie audiobooks I recommend every month. I’ll try to give you a clear rating system in terms of curses, adult content, and the like. The first Sunday to be precise. By “clean” I mean the book has minimal curse words and adult content. (There will also be Matchmaker, which has some stuff I will not post to the main list – email me to get on that list.)

What do you get?

·         Free audiobooks. (The author emails of those willing to share audible gift codes or directly gift you the book you’ve select.)
·         News of any audiobook price drops, giveaways, and cool contests put on by the lovely authors on the list.

What’s the “catch”?

I run by the principle: “If you like it, then you shoulda put a review on it.” (And if you don’t like it, let the author know privately.)

These authors and their narrators have put hours upon hours into creating an entertaining or informative show for you. Listening and enjoying their hard work is one step, but it costs you about five minutes of your time to thank them with a review. It also helps other readers find and enjoy things you love.


By “vetted” I mean I’ve either read the book or know the author and the quality of their work personally. (I will be gathering a small team of audiobook readers I trust to make such decisions, but right now, it’s just me.) My reading tastes tend very strongly toward mystery, thriller, and science fiction with a smidgen of fantasy and a few other genres. Therefore, you can expect the list to lean heavily toward these genres. Also, I write (and therefore tend to read) squeaky clean stuff. I’m not saying there won’t be curse words here and there as it fits the story, but these will be the works you wouldn’t mind if your grandmother caught you reading it.

I’m just the middleman here as it were. I’ll show you thing I’ve enjoyed or am excited to try out. It’s up to you to contact the authors who are kind enough to offer some free codes.


Eventually, I’ll be posting the lists to my wordpress blog. After they’re up and running, I’ll send you a link to the recent post(s) at the bottom of the weekly newsletter.

If that sounds like a good deal to you, please sign up below. As a bonus, I’ll enter you into a drawing to win one of 5 ebook, audiobook, and paperback bundles of any of my applicable works. (Clarification: It has to be a title that has an audiobook, ebook, and paperback version.)

Update as of 8/12/17: I also have a matchmaker list of things rejected from the normal list due to excessive curses, too many adult scenes or gory descriptions.

Questions can be directed to: devyaschildren @ (take out the spaces)

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*Double Bonus: If you buy one of my books as your very first account purchase (needs to be a paid account), I’ll give you a $10 gift card/code to (please note, you have to be able to buy from the US site.) Also, this is only doable because of Audible’s bounty program, you’ll need to prove the purchase and wait until the bounty clears on my end.


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London Visit – Summer 2017 Part 9: Westminster Abbey, Namco Funscape, Churchill War Rooms

Left to Right: Westminster Abbey; A Letter from King George to Winston Churchill asking him not to go to the staging grounds of D-Day.

Last Day to Play: Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Westminster Abbey

Found my way to the right station no problem, but got turned around and couldn’t actually find the abbey for a few minutes. That takes some serious talent. I mean the building’s huge. This is another place that I might not have gone inside if I didn’t already sort of pay for it by buying the London Pass. It was definitely cool with yet another neat audio tour, but 22 pounds would probably have turned off the cheapskate in me. Can’t take pictures in there either. I think it’s because they want you to buy officially sanctioned postcards.

Gift shop:

Yes, I’m pretty sure I bought a postcard or two. I know I bought chocolate. Who knows, perhaps tourist chocolate is better than grocery story chocolate.

Lunch at a Random Noodle Joint

Okay, so I hate to admit it, but we were looking for the McDonalds and couldn’t find it. We walked over Westminster bridge on the right side if you’re facing away from the side that has Westminster Pier. By the time we crossed the street we were on a part of the walkway that didn’t have the steps down so we walked around the whole building. Pit stop at a noodle joint. It was all right. Looked it up. Place is called Ned’s Noodle Bar. If I was rating the restaurant, I’d give it 3 of 5 stars.

Food was decent but nothing to write home and rave about. Maybe I just chose something too mild. Their system isn’t that smooth. It wasn’t that busy but I wasn’t sure where to go to pick up the food. I can see them placing random boxes on the top of the counter getting kind of confusing. Heck, even McDonalds had a more efficient system with order numbers displayed above and somebody there who shouted out the number that was ready. If you read the google ratings, they’re basically split down the middle. Kind of pricey for what you get. Each box is about eight pounds.

Arcade – Namco Funscape

Took me a little while to understand the place. The London Pass came with three free tokens here, but they’re not useful for most things, just the video games. I bought the further deal which was buy five tokens and get five free. Oh well, we had fun blowing up bad guys and robots. There was a crane game with Star Wars character plushies in it. Being Star Wars nuts, naturally my friend and I tried for one. Every crane game try cost thirty pence, which is actually much cheaper than the arcades I’ve seen in the states.

After a few tries, we quite that and played some of the ticket games. My friend did amazing at this game where you drop random balls and it trickles down and lands in various fish bowls. Each of those turns was ten pence. I had fun with a different game where you try to time a token sliding down a ramp into the back to get the game to drop more tokens that you want to slide off the platform.

Eventually, we spent some of the tickets on a mug and a collectable Star Wars piggy bank style tin. It’s currently holding one pound, but if I ever want that back, I’ll need to break in with a can opener. Literally. That’s the instructions on the bottom of the container.

Conquering the Crane Game

Anyway, back to that darn crane game. It was mocking us. We had to try again. My friend tried once or twice more. I turned a cute little five pound note into coins and fed three of them to the machine, giving me ten turns. On the third of these, I picked BB-8’s behind up for the umpteenth time and miracles happened. By that, I mean the crane didn’t drop him until it was over the prize box. Success! Had a few tries left so blew them trying for a Kylo Ren, but he’s too darn skinny for that crane thing to pick him up.

Ice Cream and the Great Sweatshirt Hunt

I’m relatively easy to please with few wants. One of those wants was a London sweatshirt. Didn’t find too many without hoods,but finally got one. It’s a tad small but it was the last one they had and five pounds cheaper than the other place across the bridge. This stall was almost identical to the other just on the Westminster Pier side. Saved a fiver, so I spent it almost immediately on ice cream of all things. The soft ice cream with flake was a bit softer than it ought to be but that just meant we had to eat it quicker and use more napkins in the fallout.

Churchill War Rooms

For an underground bunker of sorts, the place is quite extensive. Once again, you wind your way down some stairs, buy a ticket, and head in with your audio tour looped around your neck. The Imperial War Museum people know how to create a nice exhibit. There’s a large room where you can explore the different phases of Churchill’s life, but most of the tour focuses on the various rooms that make up the bunker. Some of them have audio clips from people who worked for Churchill or the other important leaders of the day. Hearing the voices of people who lived and worked back then was great.

Gift shop:

Nope, didn’t buy a postcard, but I did make a purchase here. Would have bought a DVD too if it was compatible with US players. Pretty sure it wasn’t.


I really enjoyed the arcade. Learning the history in the Churchill War rooms was cool too. Westminster Abbey was beautiful, as expected, but I’d already seen much the same type of thing at St. George’s Cathedral in Windsor Castle.

Need to Catch Up?

Part 1: Preparation, Planning, Cost

Part 2: Arrival and First Day in the City (The London Museum)

Part 3: Getting into Tourist Mode (British Museum)

Part 4: Windsor Castle

Part 5: Buckingham Palace and More Museums (Natural History and Science Museums)

Part 6: Tower Bridge, HMS Belfast, Shakespeare’s Globe

Part 7: City Cruises, Greenwich, and Church

Part 8: Kensington Palace, Curzon Bloomsbury, and a Pub

Had enough Reading? Check out some Video Games

London Visit – Summer 2017 Part 6: Tower Bridge, HMS Belfast, Shakespeare’s Globe

Left to Right: The view from inside Tower Bridge; the view of Tower Bridge from the walkway up to the HMS Belfast; the view of the HMS Belfast from a City Cruises boat

Tower Bridge Exhibition

By the time Saturday morning rolled around, I figured out that I ought to do some of the paid stuff on my own before meeting my friend. My plan involved seeing the Tower Bridge Exhibition, which I did, but it didn’t take as long as I expected it might. The tourist trap, I mean shop, there provided the perfect opportunity to get some other odds and ends for various people. When I got done, I was on the far side of the bridge, near the Belfast. Since I still had time before meeting my friend I decided to check it out.

H.M.S. Belfast

Besides doing a lot of walking, I wouldn’t call any previous part of the trip strenuous and would recommend everything to all ages. The Belfast, however, is a different story. It’s amazing and totally worth doing, but it’s also tight. I don’t mean that like slang for cool. I mean literally tight. Nine some odd floors of up and down ladders and walking through very narrow spaces. Not sure how sailors spent months at sea here.

The free audio tour with your entry fee is lovely. I took a lot longer than expected exploring even though I don’t think I got to everything. Pretty sure I managed to get lost a few times. They had a really cool exhibit area that walked you through the history. The Belfast saw action during WWII and patrolled both the Arctic and the Pacific during its career.

*One of the highlights of my trip. If you’re not up for climbing and squeezing and ducking though, you might want to skip this.

Shakespeare’s Globe Exhibition

I’m glad I did it, but I don’t think I would have done it if the London Pass didn’t already pay for it. Also, it was definitely better to go with a friend who appreciates Shakespeare more than I do. Shakespeare’s okay. I know that’s like blasphemy to a lot of literature nuts, but I’m a simple murder mystery kind of girl. I love the stories but not necessarily the old-school, hard to muddle through language.

The guy who ran the tour new his stuff, and we got to see part of the upcoming show. I think I’d rather pay five pounds and see one of the shows instead though. In the gift shop, I almost bought a mug with the tube map, but I refrained.

Aside: It seemed every mug in that city was super tiny.

Random Fact: This is the 3rd globe theater as I think they managed to burn down the second one a few hundred years ago.

Need to Catch Up?

Part 1: Preparation, Planning, Cost

Part 2: Arrival and First Day in the City

Part 3: Getting into Tourist Mode

Part 4: Windsor Castle

Part 5: Buckingham Palace and More Museums

Want to Build Tower Bridge?

Awesome Audiobooks: 4.5/5 Stars Mercy’s Prince by Katy Huth Jones


Prince Valerian, second son of Lavathia’s king and queen, suddenly finds himself Crown Prince. Thus, he’s thrust into a role he hadn’t trained for during a time of war. Mercy too finds herself in a position she’s not prepared for.

Additional Comments:

– For a fantasy romance book, there’s absolutely no interaction between the leading lady and the handsome prince for the first 1/3 of the book. I listened to the audiobook and it was well over 6 hours (of 15-ish) before they even met.

– The overarching plot’s not particularly unique, but the book’s awesome. (Second son finds himself the Crown Prince and has to grow into the role.)

– The author has done a nice job creating characters you can care about.

– I will admit I found the description of Mercy’s home life tedious after a while. The Brethren come across as a creepy little backwards cult. (i.e. arranging the marriage of a 14-year-old girl to the leader. Not teaching girls to read and so forth.)

– I would have prefer Mercy be slightly older, especially given where the book took the characters in the end. (She’s 14.) Even for a fantasy world, that’s really young. I do love her healing gift though. I enjoyed how her character developed throughout the course of the story.

– The side characters were reasonably fleshed out. I love Kieran. Love the name, but the character’s great too. He’s very loyal but also believable.

– The section with the dragons was surprisingly very quick.

– The bad guy’s a tad overdone, but he fits the role of loath-able villain well.

– Love the narrator.

– The climax happened an hour before the conclusion. That’s a really, really long denouement.



It’s long but it’s great.




As Always …

If you want the chance to get the audiobook for free, please join Audiobook Readers’ Edge.

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Julie C. Gilbert

Audiobook Edge and it’s Matchmaker Program are completely free now, but if you wanna donate anyway, go for it 😉

Er, just do it as a friend b/c otherwise, you’re basically just paying paypal.

Audiobook Edge and it’s Matchmaker Program are completely free now, but if you wanna donate anyway, go for it 😉

Er, just do it as a friend b/c otherwise, you’re basically just paying paypal.

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For Authors/Narrators: Audiobook Paperback Giveaway – Sept 2017

What’s an “Audiobook Paperback Giveaway”?

It’s a giveaway of paperback books that have been made-or soon will be made-into audiobooks. The original intent was to be just books featured on Audiobook Edge, but I’m not sure I’ll have enough that way. So, I’m opening it up to any audiobook with a tasteful cover.

Fine Print: It also can’t be hard core horror or erotica. Audiobook Edge is aimed at clean mystery, thriller, scifi, and fantasy, but I’m willing to expand to most genres. (Tasteful romance, historical fiction, YA, children’s, etc. are all welcome. When in doubt, ask first.)

What I intend to do:

I’ll make up prize boxes containing 5-10 books in a similar genre. I.e. mystery/thriller/adventure; scifi/fantasy/paranormal; YA; MG/children’s; romance; clean romance

I’ll set up a Kingsumo giveaway for all the featured boxes. The number of boxes there are will determine the # of winners.

Purpose: To celebrate paperbacks that are also audiobooks.

To advertise Audiobook Edge.

Great, but how do I get in on this?


– Mail 1-3 paperback books (can be 1 title or multiple) per author. Books must be received by August 7, 2017. (P.O. Box is in New Jersey, USA.)

– You may include a personal note to the winner.

– Each book can have a bookmark or postcard.

– You may include up to 10 bookmarks or business cards for inclusion in other boxes/prize packs.

– Fill out Google form. (I must know genre and weight to make up the prize boxes properly. It’s to your benefit to be in a box that goes to a person who wants that genre.)

– Send suggested entry fee $3-5 (as a friend! Paypal info in Google form) to cover mailing costs and prizes.

– You’ll need to give me your email address and promise to help promote the giveaway.

Audiobook Reviews: Dragon’s Future by Kandi J. Wyatt


I’ve probably read 5 stories that have dragons in them in my life. Conclusion = dragons are cool.


This is a story about dragons and the people who ride them. The dragon population is dwindling. If nothing’s done, the entire colony could cease to exist.


Additional Comments:

– It took me a while to get into the story, but the end fits well and is awesome. There’s a lot of setup that needs to happen.

– The names were a tad difficult to follow in audio format. Ruskya and Duskya, Kyn, Wynn (spelling??), etc. It was hard to keep straight who was a dragon and who was a human. I feel like seeing the words would have made that easier somehow. At least there was also a Carol.

  • It’s a series, so I think some of this will be explained in future books.

– The performance was okay. The narrator was good but didn’t have a great range of characters so it was difficult to delineate who was speaking based on voice alone.

– Duskya could have had more page time, but for the most part, there’s decent balance between who gets to be in what scene.


– There are a lot of things to love in here: dragons!, the ability to ride them, mental connections, twin bonds, bad guys, and a ton of great characters. (Yes, distinguishing could be difficult, but there were a ton of people who were so down to earth. You just want to spend an afternoon getting to know them.)

– I think the story’s aimed at the middle grade audience, so even though there’s violence you’ll find it scrubbed fairly well.



This is the type of story that would be good on a long car ride. It’s something to share with younger children. If you love dragons, you won’t want to miss Dragon’s Future.


Special Treat:

Please note that this book is permafree. You can grab a copy for FREE. Add the audio version at a discount after that. If you want the audiobook for free, please join Audiobook Readers’ Edge.

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Julie C. Gilbert

For a limited time, I’m offering a fantasy book to anybody who supports Audiobook Edge.