Movie Reviews 4/5 Stars: Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

* Might contain mild spoilers *


The plot’s either overcomplicated or super simple. Guess that depends on your perspective. A pair of government agents start out with one mission and end up with a higher one.

Additional Comments:

– Okay, so this probably won’t end up on my list of “must watch endlessly on loop” movies, but I found it entertaining.
– Characters: The guy who played Valerian sort of reminded me of a young Mark Hamill/ Luke Skywalker. The woman who played Laurelain (sorry about spelling, dunno the comic) totally reminds me of an older Emma Watson. They might even be the same age, but the character seemed like the type.
– The special effects were pretty good.
– The three information brokers were surprisingly funny. The part with the jellyfish was hilarious.
– The story definitely reads like a comic book. Tons of action, adventure, madness, a dash of romance. Okay, so the romance bit wasn’t the forte of the movie, but it adds a new angle. Part of the trouble as a movie might be the “lost in translation” part of adapting a comic book story to a movie. The medium has different limitations.
– Favorite character: definitely Bubble.
– Overall feel to the movie: Weird, but good.


Worth watching as an oddball scifi flick. (Might tick you off if you’re a “true” fan of the comic series.


Movie Reviews 4/5 Stars: Black Panther


I do not own the copyright for the image. Found it on Google.

Another Neat Entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe


Prince T’Challa becomes king, but he doesn’t find that easy by any stretch. Facing threats without and within, the young king has a tumultuous introduction to his new life.


Additional Comments:

– It’s a beautiful movie, though I guess it should be with the budget they had to work with.

– Special effects were okay. Rhinos were a very cool idea but the execution was just okay.

– Fight scenes were well choreographed, but the end one kind of stretched on. I liked the battle on the plains though.

– Plot kind of plodded in spots, but the car chase was a lot of fun.

– Humor was delivered well, but I don’t think there was quite as much as some of the other Marvel movies.


Probably won’t enter my top 10 list for movies, but I enjoyed it and would recommend it to anybody looking for an entertaining way to spend an afternoon.


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Awesome Movie Reviews: 5/5 Stars Wonder Woman Scores Big

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to the picture. Took it right off of Google images.

Here’s where Google got the pic.


I’m one of those people on the fringe of the comic book crowd. And I’ll admit I knew nothing about the Wonder Woman comic series or back story. I think my first glimpses of her were in the Batman vs. Superman movie. That one was okay, but this movie’s better. The not knowing part could have been the reason I didn’t mind there being a lengthy backstory for her. That, and the kid they got to play Diana as a child is adorable.

Additional Comments:

  • While it could be said that the morals of the story were about as subtle as a sledgehammer, it’s still a charming movie.
  • Gal Gadot pulls off the presence of Wonder Woman beautifully. So, I’m guessing her background as a model helped with being comfortable in some of those outfits. The scene where they were getting her clothes to blend in during WWI London era hit some much-needed nice light-hearted chords.
  • I love the line about slavery, and Steve’s secretary was awesome. She didn’t have many scenes, but the few she graced worked well.
  • Scene in the London back alley came through big too. The fight scenes in general were spread out enough to carry the slow points. The movie makers overdid the slow-motion a tad, but it did make the fight scenes fun.
  • The guy who played Steve (Chris Pine) did a nice job but he didn’t really sound like a British guy. His German accent was passable, and his acting was superb.
  • Not too sure about the evil chemist. Is she a character from the comics? Why did she have face coverings?
  • There are some fun reveals in the movie, but I won’t say more for fear of spoiling the movie.
  • When going to see an action movie, I subconsciously ask myself: was it fun? Am I entertained? Would I see this again? When I can successfully answer “yes!” three times, I know the movie’s a winner to me.
  • Not sure if I’ll see it in theaters again, but it’s got enough of a mix of story and action to carry a few viewings. I might have to buy the blu-ray.


Wonder Woman scores as an action movie. It’s bright, flashy, and gorgeous on so many levels. Definitely worth watching. There are enough moments involving punching people to keep the crowd happy.