Audiobook Reviews: Introducing Gertrude, Gumshoe by Robin Merrill


Something flavorful for cozy mystery fans.


Meet Gertrude. She’s an eccentric, cat-loving, cranky, coot with mild kelpto tendencies who toddles around with a walker and finds plenty of trouble.

Additional Comments:

– We don’t really know much about Gertrude or how she got to be where she is in a tiny trailer park. Maybe more of her past comes out in future story. I only mention that because she’s occasionally delightfully and occasionally eye-brow raising sort of naïve. (i.e. stars in a Thai restaurant, existence of P.I. licenses, etc)

– She’s willful, opinionated, and nosy, but she cares. While that might rub some readers the wrong way, I think it’s part of her charm.

– The cranky part of her character manifests as rude at times, but there are parts where her better nature shines through.

– I heard the audio version. The narrator handled voices superbly, but her normal reading tone sounded pretty robotic.

– The salt shaker collection’s a tad weird.

– We don’t actually see much of her cats, which is odd given she has so many of them.

– The side characters are intriguing but could be fleshed out more. I’m assuming there will be some recurring characters throughout the series.


It’s a solid start to a cozy mystery series. There’s a definite flavor here. Many will find it amusing.

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Awesome Audiobooks: 4.5/5 Stars The Shoulders of Giants by Jim Cliff



Jake Abraham’s a wet-behind-the-ears PI with an office and one heck of a first case. It fell to him because nobody else will touch it.

Additional Comments:

– I heard the audiobook version, and I think that made all the difference. The narrator pulls off the unassuming, still learning PI vibe very well. The first person perspective serves well here.

– I’m going to use quotation marks even though I might be paraphrasing here: “… unless she was held against her will or dead against her will.” That’s the kind of humor you can expect from this book. You either love it or hate it.

– The bad guy’s not particularly believable, but that’s typical of these sorts of books. Jake zeros in on the bad guy pretty handily even though nobody else will believe him.

– Things sort of just work out, but Jake’s lovable all the same. I think there’s room for his character to grow and sharpen his skills.

– Content warning: off-screen sex, some curses, including a half dozen f-bombs

– The title still doesn’t make much sense to me, but I’m going to chalk that up just one of those things.

– Narration – 5/5

– Story – 4/5

– Characterization – 4.5/5



Jake Abraham’s a PI you may want to keep an eye on. He’s going to have many exciting adventures ahead.

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