4/5 Stars Avengers Infinity War – Spoiler Review



By now, pretty much everybody who wanted to avoid spoilers did so successfully or failed earlier than this article. Still, guess I should start with a warning: CONTAINS SPOILERS. The movie tended to progress from one fight to the next without much breathing time.

Overall: I enjoyed the movie, but I have serious issues with the way it ended. Closure’s a beautiful thing, and this lacks it.

The bulk of this story centers on the bad guy, Thanos.


There’s much to appreciate in this movie:

  • Thor taking the power of the neutron star through the chest struck several notes of awesome.
  • Thor’s return to Earth, heralded by Bruce Banner’s “You guys are so screwed!”
  • Most fight scenes. The short fight in Scotland came out pretty cool.


In no particular order, here’s a sampling of the funny moments I appreciated:

  • Thor repeatedly calling Rocket a rabbit.
  • Draxx pretending to be invisible.
  • Groot acting like a teenager on a road trip.
  • Rescuing Dr. Strange on the alien “donut.”
  • Dr. Strange meeting Spiderman.
  • Black Widow “That was really gross.” (After the chick she was fighting got shredded by one of the alien war machines.)


I find the lack of closure highly disturbing. They may as well have ended with a big, fat “TO BE CONTINUED” sign. Which sucks. A lot. It’s one thing to need to be able to split a story because it’s just too long to tell altogether. And it’s another to drag things out just to make more money. This definitely smacks of “money grab.”


They could have found a way to end on a higher note. Even at the darkest point of any story, there’s some silver lining. At least choosing a slightly higher note would have been kinder to audiences. Time will tell if that ultimately hurts Marvel at the box office. I know for my part, I’m done with this story until the next movie. If it ended better, I probably would have been down for 2-3 more theater trips. As is, guess I’ll save my $60 and see Solo more ;-).



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4/5 Avengers: Infinity War – Spoiler Free Review


In the interest of keeping this spoiler free, I’ll keep my comments as general as possible and narrow it down to some questions.

Is this movie worth watching?

Yes, Infinity War hits a lot of the same vibes as most of the Marvel movies. Moments of seriousness get broken with well-timed sprinkles of humor, most crude.

Would you buy a dvd/ bluray?

Not until there’s a box set. I don’t own the others, so it would make sense for me to wait for the final one to come out and get them all at once.

Who is your favorite character in Infinity War?

That’s hard to answer. Probably, Thor. He’s pretty freaking awesome when he enters the final battle. The first time I saw the movie, I’m pretty sure he was the only one to earn some claps. The second time, Captain America and Thor both earned some viewer appreciation.

Who would you have liked to see more of?

In a movie like this that has a cast this big, there’s always going to be some disappointment with how much time gets devoted to each character. Overall, they managed to find great balance in keeping the story moving while juggling several arenas of conflict. I really wanted to see more Black Widow.


At this point, I’m sure all the spoilers are out there, but let’s just leave it at, check it out and make your own decision. I’ll tell you why and how it missed top marks from me in the next blog entry (tomorrow).

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